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This is the corporate website of Renaissance Resources Ltd. We were originally Renaissance Education - the greater London agency. Now under the name Evocation EFL, we match EFL teachers with schools and colleges which want to use their talents.

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We are based in Brixton. Details
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Renaissance covers EFL - English as a Foreign Language. Find out more!
For work in secondary schools, check our partners Job2teach Ltd  Details
Check our sister site for TEFL jobs in London:  www.tefljobslondon.co.uk
And for summer TEFL jobs:  www.summertefljobs.co.uk
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Wanted - EFL teachers in all parts of London. Contact us now to register!
Our job listings - EFL, engineering and others - can be seen on our listings site www.evo.jobs

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Our philosophy

Renaissance abides by best practice in the recruitment, development and placement of teachers. Based on British Council standards, we only use teachers with a degree and an EFL qualification, and we send only teachers of this standard to our many clients in accredited institutions.


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