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Evocation EFL, Renaissance Education and Renaissance Resources are trading names of Renaissance Resources Ltd, a private limited company registered in England.  We are completely independent and are without the conflicts of interest which affect larger companies.
Renaissance Resources Ltd has two areas of business
Under the name Renaissance Resources, we offer consultancy with a public sector and near-public sector flavour; and under the names Evocation EFL and Renaissance Education, we offer a teacher supply business to schools and teachers.
Our main sites are:

  • www.evocationefl.net - English teachers and engineers - worldwide
  • www.evo.jobs - all our job listings
  • www.tefljobslondon.co.uk - English teaching in London
  • www.summertefljobs.co.uk - summer teaching
  • www.edulon.co.uk - Renaissance Resources Ltd corporate site (this site)
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    In compliance with the Electronic Commerce Regulations 2002, Renaissance Resources Ltd's company number is 4326234, and our VAT number is 782 6789 67. Registered in England - registered office 121 Dalyell Rd London SW9 9UU.  We do not contract electronically except by client request. Our full contact details and membership of professional bodies are shown on the following pages. This entire site is copyright (C) 2013.

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