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 Our Credits
We regularly monitor the views of teachers and schools working with us.
"The impressive and caring nature of the company makes me feel very at home and looked after" - Maree. 
"Super, thanks for such a great service" - Mitcham Vale High School.
Wendy: Very impressed by the professionalism of this service. Including introductory info about the schools in the catchment area.
Mohamed T: What a wonderful service! The food is good and the party is held in a nice environment. Very pleased with everything.

Francis: always rate Renaissance high in terms of service provided.  I am very impressed by the service you provide: caring, cordial, polite and information provided about schools to be covered.  Appreciate your approach.  Well done. Merry Christmas!

Brent: Excellent!

Guy: best agency in London, top pay, always on time. Brilliant!

Mohamed S: I always prefer to work for Renaissance. I admire the Management as they tried to maintain standards and Quality Assurance. You have my support all the way.
James: Working with Renaissance is a wonderful experience. I have found the agency staff very supportive and caring. I am sure I have earned a lifetime experience with such a reputable teaching agency.
"Lots of agencies promised.  Renaissance delivered" - Riana Van Rooyen, teacher.
"Renaissance Education listens to the needs of the college and sends us excellent teachers.. We appreciate the personal attention they offer, their proactive approach, and the quality of their service" - Martin Willbourn, Vice Principal, Geoffrey Chaucer Technology College, Southwark.
"When Renaissance approached us, it was not a 'hard sell'.. they have been prompt, polite and helpful..the candidate was excellent and has subsequently been appointed" - Bradstow School, Broadstairs.
Renaissance Education
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