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 Latest news from Renaissance
Here comes Saudi Aramco again! (10.4.13)

After we successfully placed two teachers last year and a further six teachers this spring, Saudi Aramco are coming to London again for more!  Evocation EFL will be coordinating with our partners Al-Falak and a number of other recruitment agents to help schedule the programme, taking place this time at the Marriott Hotel in Park Lane.  As usual we have excellent candidates and hope they will soon be buying their tickets to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

South America joins Evocation (5.2.13)

The Evocation team has expanded once again!  We have been joined by Joao Cruz, who started work with us from his home town of Goiania in Brazil, and has now joined the office team to support our day to day work on all fronts.  According to the MBTI, Joao is an ISTP, which undoubtedly will contribute to a successful team! 

Summer over - official (19.10.12)

Summer finished late this year as London was deluged with young Italians funded by the EU's PONS programme. They all wanted to learn English, and most of them took the Trinity GESE course which culminated in an exam of their spoken English. Almost all of them passed and that was with the able help of Evocation's able teachers. However they are now on the way back to Italy so it is Arriverderci Londra from us all.

Another three teachers to leave the UK (19.9.12)

Continuing our mission to export English to the world, two Evocation candidates were awarded one-year contracts to teach in Saudi Arabia. Interviews took place in the Marriott Hotel on Park Lane. Working through our partner firm Al-Falak, the teachers will be placed within one of the world's largest petro-chemical companies, Saudi Aramco. Earlier this year we placed a teacher with the ISTEK secondary school group in Istanbul, so for Evocation teachers, the world really is their oyster.

EFL work develops overseas (30.4.12)

This year so far we have placed a senior EFL specialist with Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia; arranged for an Irish teacher to spend 2 months in a Russian republic this summer tutoring two Russian children; and are now trying to find a Director of Studies for a Swiss American school. Never a dull moment at Evocation!

New adminstrator joins Evocation EFL (1.2.12)

Sarah Amankwah has joined us to help handle the admin burden at Evocation EFL. Sarah is a local Brixton lady and has joined us on a part-time basis.

Evocation EFL returns to south London roots (1.11.11)

After chancing its arm in central and then west London, Evocation EFL has returned to south London where it all began. Although by most standards, Brixton is considered pretty central these days. We certainly think so, and with the lively street markets and cafes all around, situated in the historic Bon Marché building, Evocation has never felt more at home!

EFL back in safe hands (15.4.11)

After an 18-month sabbatical, Martin Richards has returned to the firm to take over Renaissance and its EFL work as owner and manager.   Martin thought he had retired, but.. apparently couldn't stay away. The EFL business is being re-branded as Evocation EFL with its own website at www.evocationefl.net.

New recruit to handle our EFL work (31.3.08)

Simeon Jeal has joined us to help handle Renaissance's EFL work under the brand name Blighty Recruitment.  Simeon hails from north London, and has had a varied career which included two years at a language school in Japan.  Most recently he was a consultant/administrator with Morgan Stanley.  Simeon likes to travel and plays the guitar for relaxation.

Renaissance summit in Istanbul (15.2.08)

The directors of Renaissance and Evocation met to discuss the strategic direction of the merging firm over the next three years.  It was literally a flying visit which represented a mid-point between London and Thailand, where our operations centre is based.  Many deep thoughts were thought and deep drinks drunk as part of the wide-ranging review, which was considered successful by all involved!

Renaissance moves into EFL marketplace (10.4.07)

We are delighted to announce that the established EFL firm of Blighty Recruitment has come under the wing of Renaissance Education in a joint venture with Evocation Ltd.  Blighty has established itself as the leader in agency recruitment in the English as a Foreign Language marketplace. This move will further improve the quality and range of Renaissance's services.

New Renaissance website launched (14.6.06)

You are now looking at the new Renaissance website.  Our old website served us well but was looking a bit 1998.  The retro look was cool, but needed a radical makeover.

Our friends at YeahHost have worked hard over the last month to bring us into the world of navigation buttons, javascript and up-to-date design.  We are very grateful to them and would recommend them, in particular for their excellent customer service.  Even though they are based in Penang and Sydney, they never seem to sleep.

Maybe this is the moment to mention that their Texas servers (where the site is based) never seem to go down either!  Well done guys!

Goodbye Kelly, hello Karl (31.5.06)

Continuing the recent principle that all our support staff names must begin with the letter K, we welcome Karl Agard to the Renaissance team. Kelly has found herself a permanent fulltime position in HR at NACRO.  We wish her well in her new post.  Funnily enough, Karl joins us with a degree in criminology.  Better not tell the CRB.     

The Renaissance party juggernaut rolls on (18.12.05)

It worked last year.. so this year we favoured Clapham's Revolution bar again for the Renaissance Christmas party.

A good turnout from teachers, staff and other colleagues meant that the free food and drink were widely appreciated!
Relatively little rowdy behaviour was experienced from the teachers and the staff too mostly behaved themselves with decorum.
Another year, another dollar (3.12.05)
Our fourth anniversary passed without incident.  Well, it was a Saturday.
Goodbye Khadra, hello Kelly (4.10.05)
With a little bit of overlap, Khadra Abdullahi has moved on to find a fulltime position, and Kelly Oehme has joined us as our part-time administrator. Kelly's duties fit well around her commitments as a final year student on an honours course in Business Studies at London South Bank University. So finally we have our own Kelly girl. Oops, wrong agency.. 
Teacher training places fill as number of those qualifying rises (29.9.05)
Renaissance was extensively quoted in this article by Debbie Andalo for The Guardian's education online website.
Click here for the full story: http://education.guardian.co.uk/training/story/0,7348,1580968,00.html
MD Martin Richards commented: "We were glad to help The Guardian with input for this interesting article. They found us via a website search (even though we are a past advertiser too!) and I am glad we can contribute our expertise as an established London agency".
Another move forward for Renaissance (2.8.05)
Today Renaissance officially began operations from its new base in Victoria.
This leaves our connections with south London intact as we are still in an SW postcode!  However our new office in the heart of London allows us to welcome teachers from any part of the capital, and of course puts us in closer reach of schools we work with on the north side of the river.
Our new office is smaller but in high quality surroundings, and we have settled in happily.

Contact details:
Renaissance Education
Grosvenor Gardens House
35-37 Grosvenor Gardens

Tel 020 7953 4053
Fax 020 7953 4054
Email : teach@edulon.co.uk

We would like to thank Aled Wilson and Olgierd Kudas for their help in getting us successfully moved in. From the basement to the second floor with all that furniture took some doing. Thanks guys!
Quality Mark reassessment successful! (31.5.05)
The assessment visit took place today and ended with the news that Renaissance Education can expect to retain its Quality Mark for  a further two years.
Two assessors came from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation and spent half the day reviewing Renaissance's procedures, live files, processes etc.
At the conclusion of the review, we were told that our quality processes were in very good shape and that it was excellent to see an agency doing all it had committed to do.
MD Martin Richards commented "While we felt pretty sure we would pass this reassessment, it is very pleasing to have passed with flying colours.  We appreciate the support of schools, teachers and staff in making this success possible".
Khadra Abdullahi arrives at Renaissance (6.4.05)
As our previous administrator Lisa moved on, our latest new recruit, Khadra Abdullahi, began work at Renaissance.
As usual Khadra continues the local London tradition of Renaissance and its staff. Having begun her degree at London South Bank University, Khadra is in the final throes of her dissertation at the University of Westminster.  We're hoping the experience of Renaissance will help her get a very practical exposure in the Human Resource issues she has been studying.
Quality Mark reassessment scheduled (24.1.05)
We will be reassessed on 31 May 2005. All preparations are in hand and we are quietly confident about the result.
Renaissance maintains compliance with Quality Mark standards (6.12.04)
Renaissance Education today signed an undertaking that it continues to abide by the standards of the DfES/Recruitment and Employment Confederation Quality Mark.
Subject to an audit in spring 2005, the firm expects to be awarded the Quality Mark for a further two years.
Renaissance celebrates three years (3.12.04)
The original Renaissance lasted two hundred years, but a milestone serving south London schools and teachers was marked today as Renaissance Education clocked up three years in business.
Now in its larger premises at the South Bank Technopark, Renaissance serves schools and FE Colleges across the whole of south and south-east London. In partnership with other agencies, it also puts forward candidates for positions in other parts of London.
Marking the occasion, all teachers working with Renaissance in December will be receiving a gift voucher with their payslip, as well as an invitation to our Christmas party on 16 December.
Schools continue to be eligible for the Renaissance Rewards Scheme which was introduced this term. This awards points to schools, redeemable on anything they want to purchase, based on supply days taken - and just as importantly, rewarding how regularly schools use Renaissance.
Renaissance MD Martin Richards said "This is a great day for us. We're pleased not only to be here after three years, but to see real signs that our hard work is appreciated by schools and colleges. I'd like to thank our staff and above all our teachers - many of whom have been with us from the start - for making Renaissance Education a byword for quality placements in south London"
Renaissance is a beautiful word, survey finds (25.11.04)
According to a survey of over 40,000 people carried out by the British Council, "Renaissance" is the 28th most beautiful word in the English language.
The survey asked learners of English in 46 countries to list their favourite English words.  Top of the list came "mother", followed by "passion" and "smile".  Rather dull words such as "select" and "protocol" were not rated at all.
The findings came as no surprise to staff at Renaissance Education. "Of course it's a beautiful word" said administrator Lisa Reid.
"I admire it on my payslip every month".
Another new arrival at Renaissance (12.7.04)
As our previous administrator Charmane moved on, our latest new recruit, Lisa Reid, began work at Renaissance. 
Once again Lisa continues the local south London tradition of Renaissance and its staff. Lisa is within two minutes' walking distance of our offices at the Elephant & Castle! 
Latest Renaissance teacher survey (4.6.04)
Each year Renaissance finds out what makes its teachers happy in their work - or drives them mad. Read the latest results.
New arrival at Renaissance (20.4.04)
Replacing our previous part-time staff, new recruit Charmane Forbes took up her duties at Renaissance today.
A graduate with a great deal of experience in the voluntary sector and in marketing, Charmane continues the south London tradition of Renaissance and its staff.
Renaissance fully implements requirements of new regulations (6.4.04)
Having already notified current clients of key elements of service, Renaissance completed its implementation project on time by 6 April.
We have updated our terms of business, sent out new contract letters to all current clients, and modified our teacher registration processes. We have written to and emailed all teachers currently working with us in order to gain their written consent to our work on their behalf. Our advertising has also been modified as necessary.
MD Martin Richards said, "This has been a massive compliance effort and if we just left it at that, it would have been quite disproportionate in terms of any benefits to anyone. Schools in particular must wonder how many contract update letters they are going to receive from us. However we have taken the opportunity to radically improve our workflows and ensure a highly transparent and informative set of processes. We will do our best to ensure that both teachers and schools feel the benefits."
Renaissance complies with latest new regulations (The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003) (29.1.04)
New and far-reaching regulations come into force this April. These regulations apply to all employment agencies and employment businesses, including Renaissance Education. Many aspects of agency contracts, advertising and methods of working are potentially affected. 
In order to be fully prepared for the coming into force of the new regulations, Renaissance has set up a project team to review all aspects of its commercial practices and documentation. This is with a view to having updated methods in place in advance of the due date.
MD Martin Richards said, "While there may be aspects of these regulations which represent excessive regulation of the marketplace, they form a new benchmark for all agencies and employment businesses. Renaissance has always aimed to be in line with industry best practice, and we intend to be ready as soon as possible to comply with the new requirements. There will be changes to our contracts with teachers and with schools, and we will keep everyone informed as part of the process".
Christmas and new year arrangements (20.12.03)
Renaissance will close its offices from 23 December 2003 to 1 January 2004. We will be working as usual on 2 January 2004. As in previous years, our phones are switched through so that callers will always be able to speak to a member of Renaissance staff all through the holiday period.
We wish schools and teachers a happy and enjoyable Christmas break.
Renaissance takes on new staff (11.11.03)
To support the next phase of its growth, Renaissance has taken on four new members of staff. They are Dionne French, Parveena Kiatvacharaphong, Faiza Maqbul and Saksham Shukla. Working on a part-time basis, the newcomers will ensure that there is full cover in the Renaissance office at all times during the day.
MD Martin Richards said "We welcome Dionne, Faiza, Parveena and Saksham to Renaissance. They are talented people who will help our business to continue its growth".
On the way to a better place! (26.10.03)
The one-week move to new premises, timed to coincide with the half-term break, got under way today.
With twice the space in the South Bank Technopark, Renaissance is upgrading its facilities to teachers, schools and indeed its own staff.
The first step was to redecorate the new premises, which have been vacated by the University. We will then move our equipment and files over the course of the week. As part of the move, Renaissance is installing an all-wireless IT network.
We are also interviewing applicants for additional admin support staff to ensure that the quality of our service is second to none.
All our currently engaged teachers, schools and key contacts have been informed about the change and given our new contact details.
Renaissance sponsors awards to Year 11 achievers (6.10.03)
There were eight happy pupils in morning assembly at Geoffrey Chaucer Technology College today.
The eight, who had achieved the first stage of their AS levels in design and technology two years early, received prizes of Argos gift vouchers from Renaissance MD Martin Richards.
Martin Willbourn, College Vice Principal, explained to the assembly that the eight had done exceptionally well and had already amassed a large number of the points they would need to reach university.
Warmly applauded by fellow pupils, the young people each came onto stage where they were photographed receiving their prize.
Renaissance speaks at Geoffrey Chaucer Technology College, Southwark (18.9.03)
Renaissance MD Martin Richards spoke to Years 10 and 11 at Assembly this morning.
As part of the College's regular invitations to local business and community leaders, Martin Richards was asked to talk about his business career and life - in a maximum of 5 minutes! Flanked by College Principal Sandra Yardon-Pinder and Vice-Principal Martin Willbourn, he told the students about the highlights (and low points) of his last 10 years. The students applauded warmly at the end of Martin's brief talk.
This is part of Renaissance Education's work to participate in the life of its schools and communities.
Renaissance gains Quality Mark in recognition of good practice (23.6.03)
Renaissance Education has been awarded the DfES/Recruitment & Employment Confederation Quality Mark Certificate in recognition of our good practice in the recruitment, development and placement of supply teachers.
Renaissance issued the following statement:
"After 18 months of serving the schools and LEAs of south London, Renaissance Education is delighted to have been awarded the prestigious DfES Quality Mark. We believe this recognises the high standards we have set for ourselves in terms of support to our teachers and clients. It is our aim to build on this achievement and demonstrate that we are worthy holders of this award.
We place on record our appreciation to all Renaissance staff, teachers, clients and colleagues with whom we have worked over the last 18 months".
For further details call Martin Richards or Nicola Dundon on 020 7717 1577.
Renaissance condemns proposed CRB "reforms" (5.6.03)
The CRB has confirmed that the cost of an enhanced clearance - required for supply teachers - is to rise to £29 as from 1 July.  Coupled with other unwelcome recent changes to the workings of the CRB, which oblige Registered Bodies to pay by invoice and no longer allows teachers to pay by credit card, Renaissance sees this as the last straw.
Renaissance MD Martin Richards comments: "This is no longer even a stealth tax. The idea that government can create an onerous regulatory requirement and then pass on all the costs involved to the agencies who are doing their best to address the teacher shortage is a ridiculous state of affairs. We will have no choice but to pay this new cost, but we protest at having to do so".
Meanwhile we note that the CRB seems to have given Renaissance a vote of confidence. The pre-printed clearance forms it has sent us (and which can be used only by us) will, at current rates of usage, last us 20 years. We hope the CRB forms will not require any changes while we use them up!
Renaissance takes urgent steps on SARS (24.4.03)
Renaissance has issued the following statement:
"In order to satisfy ourselves that our teachers can go into schools with no risk to their pupils, we are contacting all our currently engaged teachers before they go into a school for us again.  We are asking them specifically whether they went abroad over Easter and if so, whether they visited an area known to be at risk of SARS infection. Teachers who have visited such areas will not be sent to schools by Renaissance until any risk of SARS incubation has passed.
We believe that schools will appreciate this responsible approach on the part of the agency and its teachers"
Renaissance responds to Home Office consultation paper about the CRB (5.3.03)
We have sent in our comments about the recommendations made by the Independent Review Team. We strongly oppose the proposal to withdraw direct Registered Body status from smaller agencies.
Renaissance applies for agency Quality Mark (31.1.03)
Renaissance Education has submitted its application for the new Quality Mark. This recognises agencies which meet the highest standards in terms of service to schools and teachers. The results of the application will be known in early summer.

Renaissance celebrates its first year (3.12.02)

Renaissance began operations on 3 December 2001. We marked this anniversary and hope to have many more in future years.
Unfair criticisms of teacher agencies in press
Supply agencies do not get a good press. Renaissance Education believes its teachers, and agencies generally, deserve better. We respond to the accusations.
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